-Amy-> (avoidxcesses) wrote in xjuggalofamilyx,

Hey ladies of this community!

I make and sell synthetic hair falls and dreadfalls.

I am located in Rochester, NY (Western NY area)

Dreadfalls and hairfalls are available in 3 different lengths,and as a set of pigtails or as a single fall. The longer ones are only recommended if you have hair that is of medium to thick texture as they are heavier to wear. A set of smaller dreads are great if you have hair that is fine, however if you do wish for something longer, try one of our single falls. The amount of hair that is in a single is more than in one piece of a double, so it does not look thin. Falls are mounted on nylon, but I can mount them on whatever fabric you prefer and come with installation and care instructions.

You can find me on Facebook THANKS

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