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Just trying to get rid of some goth, cyber goth and military inspired clothing and a couple hairfalls that I made. Sorry if you have seen my stuff before! I have reduced the items by a lot cuz I need to pay for the Iszoloscope show that I booked :P Please check under the cut, lots of pics.

Right now I only ship within the U.S. and am taking Paypal. Thanks for looking!

Prices include shipping!

Adeline Street Military Pencil Skirt-Medium- $25
Waist= 32
Hips= 36
Length= 22.5
Detail: olive green/maroon colorway,
Front has a big maroon strips, and a snap on/off eppalette design that has silver stars on it, it also has two fake pockets on the front (the don't actually snap on). The skirt closes on the back with a zipper.
There is a stitched Adeline word logo on the back and militaristic styled design on the back area of your waist.
There is a slit up the back the measures about 12 inches high.

Green Leopard Dress-Medium- $20
Measurements (in inches)
CHEST = 32-36"
LENGTH= 34" underarm to underhem
Measurements taken when dress is laying flat.
Approximate size may vary, but not over than one inch.
Sleeve Style: Halter
Dress Length: Knee-Length

Serious red fishnet mini skirt- Large- $8
Waist= 32
Hips= 38
Length= 12
Details: Made of a red fishnet material over black satiny material. Zipper closure on the back. Large belt loops. Two silver zipper details on the front. Hand wash/line dry recommended.

Woodland camo skirt-M/L- $6
Waist= 39
Hips= 36
length- front is 13.5, back is 15.5
Details: Made of cotton/spandex/ramie. Belt loops for a think belt. Fake pockets with gold eyelets. Button/zipper closure. Fake pockets on the butt. The skirt is in between a mini and pencil length.

Serious Cargo Green Skirt-Medium- $6
Waist= 33
Hips= 36
Details: 100% cotton. Silver zipper closure. Belt loops with d-rings attached. Dark green in color with red stitching. Front has 2 fake cargo pockets with d-rings and straps. One belt loop is missing a d-ring. Sides have a strappy design that is tied with d-rings. Back has one belt loop that needs to be re-sewn and is missing a d-ring. Red stitches were a pocket would be.

Beauty Fiend Button Up Top-Medium- $10
Bust= 34
Waist= 29
Length from shoulder down= 20.5
Details: Has a collar. Button up but not all the way to the collar. Front has a gold/red grenade decal. The numbers under the grenade read 1973BF. The back has the same numbers n gold, with a bomb/lit fuse decal in the middle of the numbers with the BF skull logo in the bomb. There is also a small BF logo tag on the waist to the left (like how Tripp does).
Made of a cotton/lycra blend.

Shrine Long Black Zipper Skirt-Medium- $20
Waist= 31
Hips= If you don't zipper the side up all the way it's 19.5 but if you zipper them up all the way it's 19.
Length= 36
Details: Button/zipper closure. Belt loops. 100% cotton. There are 4 zippers around the skirt. The front and back zipper measure 28 inches, the sides measure 33 inches.
NOTE** I've worn this twice and washed it both times and the zipper became sorta wavy. I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed with ironing or just hanging it upside down to dry. If you have wider hips, this skirt will sit up higher on your waist.

Cyber Dreads Red Black Dreadfall Rave Cosplay Goth- $35
This sale is for a two piece set of dreadfalls.
The piece that you see that is more full was handmade by me and has never been worn.
The front piece on the comb was made by Lunatech (based in Seattle) and is pre-owned.
Dread fall is made from bright red, dark red/orange and black hair.
Reds are made from Toyokalan and black hair is made from Kanekalon hair.
There is also some red ribbon in there.
I've used white and black electrical tape as accent on some of the dreads.
These dreads are mounted on black nylon.
Red dreads measure between 20-23 inches in length.
Black dreads are about 14-15 inches in length.
This is the 3rd fall that I've ever made which is why I am selling it for a low price.
These dreads are a little on the heavy side.
Front piece/accessory piece is made by Lunatech, I am not sure if she makes hair anymore. Everything you see is sewn onto a comb that you would stick in where your dreadfall meets your head to cover up where you can see the dreads on the nylon.
Two dreads have been looped up into circles by enclosing them in cyberlox. Plastic computer tubing is used an accent pieces. The black dreads have red electrical tape accents. This piece measures about 26 inches long.

Plastic Tubing Cyber Dreadfall- $40
This auction is for a set of plastic tubing accent falls made by me.
They have only been worn once for the pictures for this auction.
They vary in length and reach the small of your back in some places.
These are ACCENT falls to be worn with dreads you already have. These probably will NOT cover your buns (without dread falls) even if you have sort hair so I will not accept returns 1) for this reason and 2) it's un-hygenic! :)
You can however wear these as one single giant HUGE ponyfall and it SHOULD cover your bun if you do not have naturally huge gigantic hair!!!
These falls are mounted on black nylon.
Made of :
* thin clear plastic tubing
* plastic spiral wrapping/tubing in black and white colors
* split flex plastic tubing painted red and silver, and some were kept all black.
Please note that after years of wearing these items the paint will eventually come off in some spots from being rubbed together. This is something that I noticed with my 5 year old dreads. However, it's very easy to just pick up some spray paint from your local hardware shop and re-paint it. :)
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