thehaighter (thehaighter) wrote in xjuggalofamilyx,

A novel idea?

So, for those who don't know, while I work my ass off to make a living in the corporate world, my tried and true passion in life is writing. I've been doing this since about the age of five and I've never looked back.

Recently, I was revisiting the thesis I just posted on here for you guys to read, and I was having a normal conversation with my Mom, of whom lives halfway across the country. Anyways, somehow the thesis came up, and she was telling me how she's learned way too much about music she's never liked from both the likes of my father, who got me into a lot of the stuff I dig to this day and I, who she would buy a lot of CDs for as rewards for good grades and the such.

Anyways, I brought up to her that somehow, someway, I wanted to convert the concept of my thesis into a fiction project, but I never really had figured out how to go about it. Then, I started reading too much James Patterson and watching a lot of NCIS, Law and Order, and the such and it all clicked; I should write a murder mystery centering around a group of Juggalo protagonists.

I'm still in the process of prewriting, and I'm still trying to work out a lot of the kinks of the plotlines, motives, and development of characters. Still, if executed correctly, would this be something that sounds interesting?
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