thehaighter (thehaighter) wrote in xjuggalofamilyx,

New guy

I hope that this place will get active soon.

I'm Travis. I'm 24 from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I first got into psychopathic back in the seventh grade and got in and out of it for a while. Now that I'm grown up, I am free to be what I am, love the stuff I love and, dammit, listen to what I want to listen to.

My favorite card is Milenko, mainly just because the production is so solid, and the lyrics are fresh in a gutsy way. I'm still new to it all, getting to know the extended psychopathic realm.

I've gotten so into ICP, that my senior thesis for my Bachelor's degree is on ICP in the media. My professor loved it. I look forward to getting into more.

I hope to meet some new people here. MCL!
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