the airwrecka (childinthegrave) wrote in xjuggalofamilyx,
the airwrecka

Man, all the juggalo communities on LJ are pretty much dead, huh?

Well, I can ask anyway.

I'm looking for a video file of the 2002 GotJ Seminar DVD from the Shangri-La CD. My shit is scratched halfway to hell after years of abuse and I really, really, really have an urge to watch it again. At the very least to read a transcription. But I can't find it anywhere.. I've been looking everywhere. J said some weighty shit in that video. I remember when I first watched it, it made my heart hurt it was so real. But anyway.. yea. If anyone could burn their copy to .avi or something, I'll be more than happy to give you my e-mail or send it through AIM.

Lemme know.
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